Pull-Up Banners

A well designed banner positioned well can be an extremely cost effective advertising tool. Combining colourful graphics with a simple yet strong call to action is a great way to get your marketing message out to potential customers. Set up in either a wide open space or a high traffic area to reap the most impressions and maximize brand visibility.

Pull-Up Banners

Pull Banners

  • Cost efficient and effective indoor marketing tool
  • Printed on rigid pvc film/PP paper with a coat of Matte/Gloss lamination
  • Last long and takes up less space
  • Easy to keep and internal display media can be changed
  • Lead time usually about 2-3days
  • Express service available for 1-day turn-around time

Sizes available

  • 85cm by 200cm ( $79 )
  • 120cm by 200cm  ( $119 )
  • 150cm by 200cm  ( $299 )
  • 200cm by 200cm ( $499 )
  • Discount of 15% will be given for purchase of more than 3banners at one time

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