Outdoor PVC Banners

A well designed banner positioned well can be an extremely cost effective advertising tool. Combining colourful graphics with a simple yet strong call to action is a great way to get your marketing message out to potential customers. Set up in either a wide open space or a high traffic area to reap the most impressions and maximize brand visibility.


Outdoor PVC Banners

Outdoor PVC Banners

  • Cost efficient and effective outdoor marketing tool
  • Printed with UV-resistant ink to ensure clear text and graphics
  • Tough and robust material to withstand all weather conditions
  • Banners are charged on area/size of banner
    • Smaller banners below 100Square feet are $2.50/per square feet
    • Bigger banners above 100Square feet are $2.00/per square feet
  • Common sizes usually printed
    • 5 feet by 2 feet (1.5m by 60cm)
    • 10 feet by 3 feet (3.0m by 90cm)

Banner Finishing (PVC Banners)

Eyelet Metal Rings

  • Hang in a high traffic area to boost visibility
  • Water- and tear-resistant, able to withstand the elements
  • Easy to tie to poles or any other area with cable ties or ropes
  • Banners do not come with ropes or cable tie

Pole Pockets

  • Quality craftsmanship, no warping of text or graphics near the pocket
  • Designed to support banner for extended periods
  • Wooden poles are charged at additional $10/piece for upto 1.2m in length

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