Bill Book & NCR Booklet

Customize bill books for your brand to match your business needs and ensure seamless business transactions. Include your company’s name and details on the invoice copies to show professionalism when working with external vendors or contractors. Print on NCR paper to save time and effort by filling up multiple invoices or forms easily and simultaneously.

Types Of Bill Books

Normal paper ( No carbon paper )

  • Customize each layer with your brand’s logo
  • Perforated for ease of use
  • Comes in standard business sizes (book/pad)
  • Custom sizes can be made upon order

NCR (Non Carbon Required) paper

  • Up to 6 layers (White/Green/Blue/Yellow/Pink 50gsm)
  • Consistent alignment of pages
  • Comes in standard business sizes (book/pad)
    • Recommended will be 3layers
    • Each book will have 50sets of invoices
  • Recommended quantity will be 50books for better costing

Bill Book/Pad Finishing

Copy Change

  • English wording: Arial font in caps, red ink
  • Chinese wording: 经典繁平黑 font, red ink
  • Differentiate each layer with a unique label

Hole Punch

  • 6mm diameter hole punch
  • Improve filing efficiency


  • Sequential numbering in red ink
  • 4-7 digits, ending with ‘1’ (e.g. 0001, 00101, 000111)
  • Match invoices easily


  • For the last layer only ( Layer meant to be kept in book form )
  • For book only

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