Large Format Scanning Service

Regardless of the quality of printing, physical documents will tend to succumb to fading as time pass. Frequent usage by multiple individuals can also lead to wear and tear. By scanning and digitalizing such important document early, we can maintain their clarity to allow easy referencing in the future.

Common Large Format Documents

Architectural drawings

  • Print on plastic cards
  • Prints are waterproof and material will last really long
  • Single and double sided printing available



Large drawings/graphics

Benefits Of Scanning

  • To ensure important documents remain in perfect condition and safe from fading or wear and tear over time
  • Important documents like blueprints can be more easily shared among the various individuals and their teams who need to reference it
  • Digitalization of documents allows easier and neater indexing of past records and makes storing and organizing them hassle free

Our Scanning Process

  • Our current pricing plan – A0 and above – $15/scan- A1/A2 – $10/scan
  • Confirm a date and bring the documents needed down to our shop for scanning
  • Upon completion, we will return the documents to you along with a digital copy (usually in PDF format)
  • Payment will be made upon completion.

Quality Assurance

  • We take great care in ensuring the original copy remains in the same condition that we received in
  • Any removal of staples or bindings will be disclosed to the client upon receiving the documents

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