Label Tag

Hanging attractive product tags on your packaging will both enhance the appearance of it while still providing key information about it to your customers. Make a name tag that can be used for identification during large events and conferences by attaching a simple lanyard to it. To increase durability, go for our laminates to enhance the final appearance while adding an extra layer of protection for your tag.

Types Of Label Tags

Standard Label Tags

  • Extremely versatile in use
  • Printed on sturdy premium card stock
  • Hole punching option available

Die Cut Label Tags

  • Suit shape of label tag to your product
  • Add an extra layer of personalization
  • Increase attractiveness of the overall product packaging

Label Tag Finishing (Optional)

Gloss Lamination

  • Provides longer lasting protection
  • Makes designs and colours more vivid
  • Pairs better with flashy and bright designs

Matte Lamination

  • Classy and professional finish
  • Softens darker colours to allow easier reading of text
  • Pairs better with clean and minimalistic designs

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