Company Stamp/Chop

Customize the stamp with your brand’s logo to enhance business credibility or with your name/signature to save time when having to review multiple documents. Choose from our range of pre-worded stamps or personalize the text to meet your business needs. Both the self-inking and pre-inking stamps are very durable and have the option of refilling their ink when low. Download our Stamp Catalogue to find out more!

Types Of Stamps

Pre-inking Stamps

  • Extremely durable with proper care
  • Choose from up to 9 different ink colours
  • Ink can be topped up to extend the lifespan
    • Download our catalogue to view the full list of items
  • Express service available for rush orders

Self-inking Stamps

  • Choose our pre-worded stamps (Paid/Faxed/Received along with the date)
  • Replaceable ink pad to extend usage
  • Able to customize for dual ink colours

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