Wall Stickers

Add colour and character to an empty wall while still having the flexibility of removing or repositioning with our stunning wall stickers. Printed in bright and vibrant colours, they can easily transform and bright up the room without the hassle of committing to more permanent and time-consuming solutions like painting.

Wall Stickers

Wall Decals

  • Simple and easy to remove without damaging the wall
  • Brighten up your business space with tasteful and colourful designs
  • Ideal for short term promotions or displays like midyear sales or seasonal holiday celebrations

Wall Sticker Finishing

Gloss Lamination

  • Improves durability for longer lasting usage
  • Makes designs and colours more vivid
  • Pairs better with flashy and bright designs

Matte Lamination

  • Water and tear resistant
  • Classy and professional finish
  • Pairs better with clean and minimalistic designs

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