SRA3 Sticker Sheets for Sale

SRA3 Sticker Sheets for sale in pack form for any one who has laser printers inhouse.

SRA3 Sticker Media Sheet for Sale - 316mm by 460mm fixed size

SRA3 Sticker media sheets for inhouse printing

  • Stickers are meant for laser toner printers
  • Very good feedback from most printers who have used it
  • Stickers do not curl as much. Very Minimal curling hence very user friendly
  • Customers will have to do their own setting based on the type of printer they are using
  • Meant for production printers hence officer printers might have difficult getting the toner to fuse well with the media
  • MOQ 200pcs per pack – Bulk discount available for quantity above 2000sheets per material
  • Types of Stickers available
    • Brown craft paper sticker -30cents/sheet
    • PP Matte Waterproof Sticker -60cents/sheet
    • PET Gloss Waterproof Sticker -60cents/sheet
    • PET Transparent Waterproof Sticker -60cents/sheet
    • Hologram Sticker Waterproof Sticker -80cents/sheet
    • Metallic Gold Shiny Gloss Sticker -80cents/sheet
    • Metallic Gold Shiny Matte Sticker -80cents/sheet
    • Metallic Silver Shiny Gloss Sticker -80cents/sheet
    • Metallic Silver Shiny Matte Sticker -80cents/sheet

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