Product Packaging

Make your product stands out from the crowd with a visually stunning packaging. Create a sense of excitement in customers beginning from the moment they see your packaging design and craftsmanship to when they unbox your product. In this current age, even small details like package appearance can help to boost the perceived value of an item.

Product Packaging

Package Design

  • Convey a sense of professionalism with a well-made product package
  • Use bold and intense colours to match the product inside
  • Contact our sales team to get dedicated help creating a package design

Package Printing

  • Eco-friendly to food safe materials available
  • Packaging made from durable material to protect your products during transport
  • Request a free sample packaging before committing
  • Simple and quick self-assembly

Product Package Finishing (Optional)

Gloss Lamination

  • Provides longer lasting protection
  • Makes designs and colours more vivid
  • Pairs better with flashy and bright designs

Matte Lamination

  • Classy and professional finish
  • Gives a smoother feel when handling it
  • Pairs better with clean and minimalistic designs

UV Varnish

  • Enhances colour vibrancy more than matte/gloss lamination
  • Cost effective and protective finishing option
  • Refined and shiny appearance

Hot Stamping

  • Choose from 7 different colours
  • Make the designs/logo pop visually
  • Increase attractiveness of the packaging


  • Creates a raised (emboss) or sunken in (deboss) feel to designs
  • Perfect for enhancing the first impression of brand name/logo
  • Wow customers with a 3D texture

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