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Magnets are a cost effective marketing solution. Boost brand visibility by adding value to customers by having a small calendar or notepad area to further encourage them to utilize your magnet. Over time, awareness and recognition will increase for your brand.

Type Of Magnets

Standard Magnets

  • Long lasting and durable magnets
  • Bright and vibrant colour printing
  • Ensure brand logo or call to action is clearly visible

Magnetic Name Cards

  • Keep your brand at the top of a customer’s mind
  • Perfect free gift during networking events or trade shows
  • Use eye-catching designs to further stand out and grab attention

Die Cut Magnets

  • Create fun and impressive designs to promote your brand
  • Showcase brand personality and creativity
  • Improve brand recall each time a customer see the magnet

Magnet Finishing (Optional)

Gloss Lamination

  • Improves durability for longer lasting usage
  • Makes designs and colours more vivid
  • Pairs better with flashy and bright designs

Matte Lamination

  • Classy and professional finish
  • Pairs better with clean and minimalistic designs
  • Water and tear resistant

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