PrintingBest Print Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses in 2022

Even though the “going paperless” movement is getting popular along with technological advancements, you can never disregard the effectiveness of printed information. Take books or novels for example. Reading ebooks or pdfs through tablets wouldn’t feel the same compared to holding a thick, hard-cover book in your lap.

This goes for marketing as well. Though digital marketing might be an efficient solution, print marketing still has its own advantageous elements that digital marketing just couldn’t accommodate. Print marketing might be a better solution, especially for small businesses, whose target reach is focused on local and personal.

That is why in this article we’re going to talk about the best print marketing ideas small businesses can opt for in 2022. 

Print Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Print marketing will always have its place when promoting a business. It’s especially useful for networking, events or displaying your brand to customers. But certainly, you need to decide first what kind of print marketing you are going to use. Here are seven of the best print marketing ideas you can implement to boost your business!

1. Business Cards

Even though there are many forms of digital identities and credentials, business cards will always have their use. The thing is, not everyone has got the time to google your credentials and search your contacts, nor have pen and paper available to scribe it down. But if you have a business card, you can just hand it to them.

In conclusion, business cards will always be the most effective print marketing instrument. All you need to do is just hand it out to your potential business partner.

However, you also need to make sure that your business cards contain all the vital information, such as your name, your company name, your job title, and your address or contact info.

2. Flyers/Posters

Flyers or posters are also very popular as print marketing options. Flyers are usually printed in A4 or A5 size, whereas posters are a bit bigger. Their utility and contents are quite similar. Usually, posters and flyers contain straightforward information, such as information about newly opened shops, or promotional deals.

The difference is, flyers are usually distributed by handing them over to passersby, whereas posters are usually placed on windows or walls where people can see them easily.

3. Brochures

When you want a form of print marketing where you can put more detailed pieces of information about your business, a brochure is your solution. Unlike flyers or posters, brochures are printed in the form of folded paper.

Brochures typically need more appealing visuals, since you need to make sure your customers find the detailed information easy to digest.

4. Postcards

Postcards are commonly part of direct marketing techniques and work well when a new business is getting established. They can be read without opening and turning pages so that your prospects will at least have a glance at them.

You can mail them out to customers within a certain radius of your business. Though not everyone will be interested in the services you’re offering, the chance of them giving your postcard to other parties that are interested is high.

5. Banners

Printed banners are an essential element of any successful trade show marketing strategy, which is why you need to include them in your trade show kit. These are especially helpful when you’re at a tradeshow, fair, or another place where you’re trying to raise awareness about your company.

They are popular because they’re low-cost enough to print, can get saved for future occasions, and make a useful investment for any company. Many banners are created to withstand both indoor and outdoor elements.

6. Stickers

You can often see a lot of stickers on car bumpers, laptops, windows, phones, and any other place you can think of. This is why stickers are great potential for promoting your small business.

Stickers are also very affordable, cost-effective, and sticky, which means they have longevity. Politicians have been using them for decades to promote themselves and attract supporters. Small businesses can also give away branded stickers with every item they sell.

7. Stationeries & Merchandise

Who doesn’t love freebies? Deciding to advertise your business on functional and attractive stationeries or merchandise is a very effective print marketing strategy. Since they are usable, your customers will be happy to use them every day, which means your brand becomes a part of their daily routine.

This can include pens, pins, keychains, lanyards, notebooks, tote bags, clothes, and many more. There’s no shortage of ideas for your print marketing materials when you use functional items.

Advantages of Print Marketing

Print marketing is a marketing strategy where businesses use print advertisements and place them in places where they will be seen or engaged physically/offline. This way, marketers can select their target demographic more easily.

According to statistics, 56% of customers think that print marketing is more trustworthy. This goes in line with research which shows that printed ads require 21% less cognitive effort to process compared to digital content.

Moreover, printed advertising has more longevity than digital ads. Printed ads do not disappear. Each time someone comes across your printed ad, even long after the initial publish date, you are increasing your brand awareness, so more people will know what the name of your business is, what you do and your contact info.